Pretty Good Life


Produced, recorded and mixed by Leif Larsson and Lisa Ljungberg at Haywire Studios and Studio 19 for Haywire Recordings
Mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic at Bohus Sound Recording

Lisa Ljungberg – vocals, piano, keyboards
Leif Larsson – guitars, bass, upright bass, drum programming, harmonica, vocals
Tilda Ljungberg – additional vocals
Johanna Hjort – vocals on ‘Style’
Dan Helgesen – Hammond B3
Maths Tärneberg – percussion
Niels Nordin – drums on ‘Perfect Day’ and ‘Spend A Moment’

Thanks to my family and friends, Andreas, Ia, CMC Music, Malin and Simon at Prickig Katt for wonderful clothes and photos, Tilda, Leif, Niels, Johanna, Dan and Maths, Henk and Ken, Dragan and Jonas.

How Are You


I should have seen you’ve been crying
how could I just let it pass?

I wanna know
so let’s take it slow
I’ll give you my time here at last

life is the time we’ve been given
why are we rushing away?

I should have seen
that your eyes were so keen
to tell you had something to say

how are you?

I will never know
what would have happened
if I asked you before

Pretty Good Life


a step takes me forward
a breath gives me air
though I am frightened
I know that I dare

get out of my way
I see no reason to pray
’cause I live a pretty good life

I’ve wandered through deserts
I’ve struggled through pain
I’ve sailed all the oceans to try to escape

I’ve realized the hard way
there’s no turning back
my heart and my soul will be with me for life

I’ve seen nature’s wonders
and the beauty of love
I’ve slept below stars with just magic above

when night becomes morning
I’m always aware
each day of my life I’m so glad I am there

’cause I have a pretty good
I have a really good
I have a wonderful life



style, it’s your only passion
grace, life in latest fashion
glamour, champagne
your so-called friends

those late nights out
the glory to be rich
your only love

once you were living on the street
you were so innocent and sweet
sad ’bout the world that didn’t care
sparkling with love you wished to share

love that would help you get away
into the life you live today

so unaware of that price you were to pay
worst of all is that you don’t see yourself
what has happened in your heart?
your life and world will fall apart

you lost your sense of sympathy
to the gods of greed

life has a price
your heart has turned to ice
wish you could feel the coldness you bring
but money can buy anything



red, brown and gold I found one fall day in the setting sun
showing me the path to go if I just dare
it was earlier that year I found color one in my collection
in a flower carried in your hair

since that day I’ve captured all the colors
our story is built upon
painting pictures in my soul all down memory lane
while waiting ’til I see you again

I capture every color in a box of joy and pleasure
where grey is just a shadow of the past
if anyone need color in their life I will be sharing
have some happycolor on your walls and hair it lasts

your shiny lips gave me the third color and every time I see them
I’m shivering just like time when we first kissed
when a fire truck is hauling by there’s a smile upon my face
our fire, I am sure, they’ll always miss

I have almost captured all the colors
of the image when I miss you
and the colors will explode in a firework that shows
every time I get to see you again

on a summer meadow every shade of green
from the shining moonlight silver bright and clean
in a winter snowstorm the color was white
we will find the final color here tonight

I will paint the world with happycolor too
happycolor I have found because of you



thought you had angeleyes looking at me
devil’s smile hidden with no sympathy
your blue eyes, something I thought I could trust
changed my emotions to desert dry dust


I will never trust a man again
I said it before, a dangerous lie
somehow things will have to come to an end
my addiction to love makes me live when I die
the magic you give me from those angeleyes

left alone again, scars in my soul
can’t believe I gave you the key to my heart
thought that you could help me fill that hole
I’ve realized that thought wasn’t to smart
back again at the bottom, from the start

no man, no cry
knowing that he is the devil’s own spy
no angel, no god
I will not learn ’til I cry my own blood

knowing those angeleyes come back to me
prayers will help me wherever I’ll be

Perfect Day


just a perfect day
drink Sangria in the park
and then later when it gets dark
we go home

just a perfect day
feed animals in the zoo
then later a movie too
and then home

oh, it’s such a perfect day
I’m glad I spent it with you
oh, such a perfect day
you just keep me hanging on

just a perfect day
problems all left alone
weekenders on our own
it’s such fun

oh, Just a perfect day
you made me forget myself
I thought I was someone else
someone good

you’re going to reap just what you sow




Spend A Moment


spend a moment with me
and I will let you free
give me one single kiss
just to see what you’ll miss

when you’re gone I will know
you can see my heart glow
and you’ll miss me so

I know I’m one of a kind
try to get me off your mind
once you give me time to open your heart
if you try to leave I will rip it apart

I am your gift from above
filling your memories with love
if you let me in, under your skin
I’ll stay in your thoughts ’til you let me win

it’s a game I am so afraid of losing
there is nothing close to this confusing
where we both can win and lose it all concurrently
I might sound rough but a draw is not enough

Fairytale Prince


fairytales end
when all got a friend
and you can go happy to sleep
what happens then?
after the end?
when you wake up, no retreat

now the prince got his final kiss
and has grown to a man
there’s a chapter that don’t exist
in fairytale land

happy endings won’t remain
once you’ve grown past bedstory time
when the prince wakes up again
will he be mine?

monday again
saddle and then
the stallion exchanged for the bus
older and burnt
he never learned
divorced and the kids make a fuss

life will start when the book is closed
there is no time for lust
our prince is since long deposed
his crown full of dust

once upon a time

In Thee


maybe I’ll see you again baby
and maybe I won’t
maybe you’ve bought your ticket
gone back to Detroit

airplanes make strangers of us all
give us distance
much too easily

Jim says some destinies
should not be delivered
but you and I seen now baby
that still they are

winning, it makes losers of us all
‘cause the dice roll
so indifferently.

well, I’ll wrap myself in cities I travel
I’ll wrap myself in dreams
I’ll wrap myself in solitude
but I wish I could wrap myself in thee

tonight it’s hot, without you
tomorrow’ll be cold
winter will come along
driven by snow

love, it makes strangers of us all
when we part
oh, so thoughtlessly

once we breathed the breath
of sweet surrender
pure, pure Arab air filled our

but pride it makes stars of us all
until we fall
for everyone to see

well, I’ll wrap myself in cities I travel
I’ll wrap myself in dreams
I’ll wrap myself in stranger’s arms
but I wish I could wrap myself in thee

Captain Of Your Dreams


be the captain of your dreams
on the journey to your paradise
can we change the way life seems
take the future by surprise

misnavigation, we’ve lost our course
disorientation, you must find the source
joie de vivre
follow the wind inside of you

It’s your life
no one is closer to you than yourself
finding your soul
you can give others help

start to live your dream