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SEVEN SEAS, the second solo album by Sweden’s Lisa Ljungberg is here! Picking up where 2010’s “Pretty Good Life” left off, this is a natural step forward.

seven-seas-1200x1200After spending a year and a half constantly on the road the new songs became a bit more upbeat and less mellow than the debut, which has worked great in a live environment. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to recognize her style.

This album is as diverse as ever, with slow blues/jazz ballads, catchy pop hooks, modern country and even a rockabilly song!

– I wanted to expand on this album, and I wanted to write a standard old school rock song, but with a twist to it. The lyrics to “Rockin’ To My Rhythm” are nonsense, really, but it’s fun to use some clichées and not be so serious all the time. It adds a bit of humour to the album, says Lisa, who usually writes about personal experiences with a little deeper content.

Another highlight is the song “Short Stories”, released as a single earlier in 2012.

– It’s about us all, our lives and destinies, that everyone is a short story. We all have problems and so on, but if you view the glass as half full, even though it may not be, it will be easier to get by.

Lisa and co-writer/producer Leif Larsson are once again in charge behind the board but the songs have benefitted from more input by members of Lisa’s live band.

Lisa will be doing many shows in her native Sweden to promote the album but also hopes to bring it to the world.

– I’ve been playing in Austria, England and the USA this year and it is a pleasure to see the reaction I get. I just want to play to people everywhere.