Seven Seas


In memory of my beloved grandmother Lisa Johansson, born Ljungberg. 1910-2012.

Produced, recorded and mixed by Leif Larsson and Lisa Ljungberg at Haywire Studios, Studio Struban and Springhill Studios for Haywire Recordings
Mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic at Bohus Sound Recording
Artwork by Jonas Beijer/Wild West Media
Photo and editing by Andreas Olsson/AOFoto
Hair by Carolina Eriksson/Hårspa
Make up by Marie Farah Fioriniello

Lisa Ljungberg – vocals, piano, keyboards
Leif Larsson – guitars, bass, upright bass, drums, percussion, vocals
Tilda Ljungberg – vocals
Johanna Hjort – vocals, co lead vocal on “Mr. Negative”
Björn Vilhjalmsson – upright bass
Ulf Svedberg – drums

Thanks to my family and friend Leif, Tilda and Affe • Johanna, Björn and Uffe • Jonas, Andreas and Dragan • Henrik Marzelius and Ken Berglund • Johnny Samuelsson and Stefan Ahlström • Andreas Krona and Jan M. Lundahl • Brian Johnson and CMM Group • CMC Music • David Bash • Rickard Podgorski, Thomas Sjölin and Yamaha • Henke Hjälm and Trädgårn • My Fashion for wonderful clothes • Anita Tykesson and Angeling Treats for special made jewelry • Carro, Marie and Hårspa • Sofia Envik and Jessica Våring



I would like to tell you something
but I know that is one thing
that I can’t do
but I want to
you were all I ever needed
but it’s far too late to see it
and I know it
so I write this to you

every time when I look at you
I melt like ice in the sun
feel alive when I think of you
but you’re gone

I would like to tell you something…

life with you would be beautiful
you’re the man of my dreams
I would kill just to be with you
but you’re gone

I would like to tell you something…

Don't You Wanna Know


do you see what I see?
do you hear what I hear?
do you feel what I feel?
does it even matter?

do you see what I see?
do you hear what I hear?
do you feel what I feel?
don’t you wanna know?

I woke up this morning
with a sad taste in my mouth
what happened yesterday?
did she do the things she did
or was it all just in my mind?
I can hardly believe it anyway

do you see what I see…

I’ve always felt she was a sweet lovable being
but I guess I was had again
she’s a lying cheating creepy fool
who only cares ‘bout her own pleasures
but the truth will catch her soon

do you see what I see…

Seven Seas


if I take the time to take a look at my life
guess I realize it’s been a hell of a ride
had to look inside me to find the red, white and blue
now I’ve seen them all so I say this to you

if I can you can go sail on seven seas
question your beliefs
’cause you don’t know what they mean
if you don’t sail your own seven seas

met a lot of people, wicked and weird
truly – deeply – honest ‘til they dissapeared
some of them have told me that my life is a sin
but you’re the one with blinders through thick and thin

if I can you can go sail on seven seas
question your beliefs
’cause you don’t know what they mean

if you don’t sail your way you will be far away
from everything you’d love to see
sail away

sail on seven seas…

Mr. Negative


hey, Mr. Negative stop spoiling my day
stop stealing energy, get out of my way
hey, Mr. Negative go find a new friend
you’ve hurt me long enough
our friendship must end

we met on a sunny day, I saw a distant cloud
since that day life ran away, I’m quiet you are loud
that made me your bitter deputy
now I’m stuck in your deep misery

hey, Mr. Negative…

I see possibilities when you don’t see at all
I run a marathon, you can barely crawl
the smile you give me tells me it’s alright
a shining lighthouse blacker than the night

hey, Mr. Negative…

Walk Alone


now’s the time to listen to what I say
had enough of your lies and your little games you know I believed in you
when you claimed to be my friend
but now I know
I forced myself to believe you’re okay though I always knew I’d be the one to pay wanted to help you out
‘cause I felt sorry for you
but now I’m sure
I’m good without you, can’t you see? just so much better so let me be now you can walk alone
‘cause you’re a *****
now’s the time to listen to what I say
I don’t need your screwed up twisted ways I wish you a hyper life far away from my side but I still know
I’m good without you…

Air Dance

BUTLER / IOMMI / OSBOURNE / WARD • Published by Essex Music International Inc. (ASCAP)

When Magic Dies


I am sparkling, everyone can see
but I know you don’t
magic happens when they look at me
when you do magic dies

you were heaven when I first met you
you were shining like a god
when night turns into morning
life was perfect
then there was you

I am sparkling…

Rockin’ To My Rhythm


I can feel it and I don’t know what to do
can you see it as I’m moving close to you
I’ve got the shakes, I’ve got the rhymes
gonna set me free

they say today’s a cloudy day but I don’t really care
I’m just rockin’ to my rhythm
I’m not a dancer anyway, well what can I say
I’m just rockin’ to my rhythm

hell yeah

getting hotter, it’s getting hotter every day
letting loose, tearing down all the walls of stifled shame

I’ve got the shakes, I’ve got the moves
gonna get it on

they say today’s…

I’ve got the shakes, I’ve got the time
gonna set me free
come dance with me

they say today’s…

What Are We


you seem so cold, left on you own
what can I do
that fading smile, your tired eyes
I’m here for you

I know that green grass can grow on dirt

hope you’d like to follow me across the sea
we can find a place to live where you can be free
I wish your heart would allow you to feel
if there is no hope, what are we?

there was a time when fear and crime
was all I knew
the scars remain although they’ll fade
they’re part of you

it’s time to leave the past behind

hope you’d like…

Short Stories


there’s a little girl who lives with her dad
got everything but still so sad
keeps on asking when is mom coming home?
daddy says soon

short stories
made up glories
we’ll save the day
I stand up high
never gonna be the one to stray

here was a man of honour, lived like he told
by the time he blossomed he was too old
time for checkup, will I make it worldwide?
and the doctor lied

short stories…

well, the sky is always blue
the sun will always shine
if you try to make it so

short stories…

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